Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Many Birthdays!

This month is full of birthdays for our family...this past weekend we celebrated Jacob's 8th birthday and my hubby's 36th. Yep, Jacob was born on daddy's birthday and it was the best present ever for my hubby! Anyhow, thought I would share the cards I made them this year...first up is Jacob's, a cool card for a cool dude!!
Next up is my hubby's card, he likes embossing and dark blue so here we go...nothing earth shattering but I think it turned out fun!

Jacob starts 3rd grade tomorrow and we will get back into a routine, I don't know if I'm ready:)! I have enjoyed this summer so much! Thanks for stopping by as always!!


  1. OHHH! How cute are these too cards?? I mean masculine! LOVE them--and they are perfect for the two birthday guys!! Happy birthday to both:)

  2. So cool that your hubby and son share birthdays! Love both their cards!